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Stop Selling & Start Leading® is a movement started by sales professionals, for sales professionals. Pre-order the book and join the movement today!
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Join the Movement!

Demanding buyers expect more from sellers. But what? Our preliminary research shows that sellers are more successful when they replace stereotypical sales behaviors with leadership behaviors. As a leader, you’ll align your actions with your behaviors. You’ll inspire your buyers instead of merely pitching them. You’ll challenge them and collaboratively co-create insights. You’ll encourage them to try new things and celebrate successes together.

Coming Soon!

The experts that brought you The Leadership Challenge® and DISCOVER Questions® Get You Connected have teamed up to create this revolutionary new sales book, coming soon! Click here to preorder.

Stop Selling & Start Leading® is a movement created by and for sales professionals who want a better way to advance the sale. This customer-oriented approach is backed by accredited research through:

    • Santa Clara University
    • Qualtrics Panel Study
    • Wiley Publishing
    • Based on the 30 years of research by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner
    • Featured by Forrester Research

Pre-Order NOW to Get Discounts on Extended Learning Packages!

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Dynamic and Engaging Speaker

Invite us to come speak about the movement at your sales events, and don the behaviors of a leader to become more effective as a seller.

Presentation Topics: Stop Selling & Start Leading®

  • How Sales Contributes to the Customer Experience in B2B
  • The All-New Needs Assessment is Dialogic vs. Diagnostic
  • How to Inspire Your Buyer
  • Stop Selling & Start Leading®: An Overview
  • Buyers Have Changed. Have You?

Heard Around the Web

The Stop Selling & Start Leading® Movement is gaining steam! Are you ready to cast off the slimy reputation of sales and take pride in a customer-oriented selling approach?

Tune in to interviews where Deb explains various aspects of the buyer research and sales tactics you can implement immediately.

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