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For sales managers looking for just-in-time resources to fill the gaps in the sales manager training received (or not received), our sales webinars provide practical information and actionable steps to help you increase your team’s sales productivity.

Unlike the canned monologues often passed off as webinars, Deb Calvert makes her online presentations interactive. She understands your sales management challenges, adapts her approach to audience needs, and speaks directly to you as a mentor and coach.

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Get Inspired, Invigorated and In-Step with Interactive Sales Training Webinars


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Popular Sales Webinars:


  • Creating Value for Every Buyer
  • DISCOVER Questions® Get You Connected
  • Stop Selling & Start Leading
  • Sales Hacks to Save You Time
  • Tips for Time & Territory Management
  • Invalidating Objections in 5 Easy Steps
  • Strategic Prospecting – the Effort Equals Opportunity Formula
  • Dialogic vs. Diagnostic Needs Assessment


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