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Supervisor skills training, coaching and other productivity solutions help increase employee engagement. Training available in English and Spanish. Learn more!
supervisor skills training
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Supervisor Skills Training for Individuals & Groups

How can supervisors create a positive work environment while balancing other duties?

The answer lies in your supervisory skills. You don’t currently have the skills to ennoble, engage and enable employees, resulting in more work for you.

Once you know how to engage employees, you’ll feel a weight lift off your shoulders.

Workplace Conversations is the self-paced, affordable, do-it-yourself online course that will set you up for success as a supervisor at any level.

Click below to read about the program!

Need Supervisor Skills Training for a Group?

Check out Workplace Conversations / Conversaciones en el Trabajo.

This supervisor training program has been offered to hundreds of companies throughout North America over the past decade.

Trainers are available in English or Spanish.

Programs to Engage, Ennoble & Enable Your Employees

Our leadership development and management training can be delivered in a variety of formats, including webinars and on-site workshops. We work with you to tailor delivery to the needs of your team members.

Supervisor Skills Training

Workplace Conversations eLearning for Individual Supervisors

Workplace Conversations/Conversaciones en el Trabajo

The Leadership Challenge® & 360-Degree Leadership Practices Inventory® Assessment – Illuminate the effectiveness of your leaders and commitment, engagement, and satisfaction levels of those that follow them.

Executive coaching – one-to-one work on career roadblocks, soft skills and accelerated growth

Custom, in-house leadership development programs – designed to magnify and echo your existing programs and to deliver on organizational goals

Convenient webinars – highly interactive, remote workshops provide small group coaching and relevant applications

First Time Supervisor Checklist

Building a Leadership Foundation in Your First 30 Days

Identify opportunities for quick and meaningful workplace connections

Tailor your leadership style to ennoble and enable individual team members

Motivate and inspire team commitment

Demonstrate credibility and trustworthiness through your daily actions

Juggle competing demands by delegating effectively

Team Building & Assessments

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

The Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI)

The Team Assessment Report (TAR)

The Leadership Practices Inventory® (LPI)

The Employee Engagement Management Inventory (EEMI)

Team coaching

Custom-designed team surveys

Meeting facilitation

Team building workshops

SH - Business Personel

Get Your C-Suite On Board With Supervisor Skills Training

Training is not a small investment, but it’s worth it.

Watch the webinar Making the Business Case for Leadership Development for data and tips to help gain internal support for your vision to develop the future leaders in your organization.

Contact us to learn more about our supervisor skills training solutions.

More about Workplace Conversations:

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Download Your Checklist

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Emerging Leaders Training

Free Emerging Leaders